Wyoming Whiskey Featured on Longmire

Picture in present-day Wyoming, a crime ridden fictional county called Absaroka, and a tenacious Sheriff that likes to enjoy Wyoming Whiskey after a long day’s work. “Longmire”, the hit Netflix series stars Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire. The series is based on Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire mystery novels. Wyoming Whiskey has recently made a debut on the show in Season 4, which just aired September 10th. Distilled in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming corn, wheat, and barley provide the perfect taste of bourbon. That simple, yet original taste is also due to unrivaled water from the Madison Formation just a mile below the basin.

Wyoming Whiskey has even created a limited “Longmire Edition” label that all the cast members signed at Longmire Days over the summer in Buffalo, Wyoming. Thirty-six cases were auctioned off by Craig Johnson, who raised over $8,000 to go to a charity of his choice. Johnson even promised the buyer of bottle No.1 (which sold for $3,500) that he would write his character in his next book.

Now picture a small cattle ranching community in a town with about 92 people. It’s a non-fictional town called Kirby, Wyoming where smooth, Wyoming Whiskey is classically distilled. Can you believe this whiskey is now distributed in 26 states? We can! That’s classic hard Wyoming work for you. Make sure to check out “Longmire” on Netflix and follow Wyoming Whiskey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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