Top 20 Most Interesting People From Wyoming to Follow On Twitter

America’s least-populous state, and also one of its largest, Wyoming produces some really interesting people. Whether it’s leading politicians or some of today’s most respected journalists and artists, many of these major influencers have a home on Twitter where they connect with fans every day.

Cover the Whole Spectrum of Famous Residents

From America’s most notorious political figures to some of its most intriguing independent artists, Wyoming has managed to give the country quite a unique group of talented Twitter profiles. Make sure that any list of famous Wyoming residents on Twitter includes people from many different walks of life, since this is the best way to get a well-rounded picture of the Wyoming way of life and influence.

1. Liz Cheney @Liz_Cheney

The Cheney family has been a big name in Wyoming politics for multiple generations, and Liz Cheney is looking to make sure local residents don’t forget that anytime soon. The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney tweets at @Liz_Cheney and advertises everything from her public appearances to her next campaign stops as she seeks to unseat current Senator Mike Enzi. For anyone interested in conservative politics, this account is a must-follow.




2. Wyoming Entrepreneur @WyEnDotBiz

When I think of Wyoming and its residents I think about a hard working group of people who are willing to suck it up and get things done.  That is exactly the spirit that the Wyoming Entrepreneur twitter account exudes.  If you are looking for a group of bootstrapping, hard working, business people check out @WyEnDotBiz




3. Chris Cooley @thecooleyzone

Chris Cooley left Wyoming after high school to play football for the University of Utah. Following his stint there, he was drafted by the Washington Redskins for the 2005 season. Cooley played for the team through 2012 but retired ahead of the 2013 season and instead took a position broadcasting the Redskins’ games on local radio. Today, he’s a driving force for Redskins broadcasting and media relations at @thecooleyzone on Twitter. Plus apparently he is a ceramic artist and that is just awesome!




4. Adam Archuletta @AdamArchuleta

Born in Rock Springs, Archuletta is another one of Wyoming’s most famous athletic exports. After a successful football career in Division I, Archuletta was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. He later played for both Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins before retiring. Today, Archuletta can be seen analyzing virtually every Mountain West or Conference USA football game for CBS Sports. His Twitter account, @AdamArchuletta, provides analysis throughout the week of both college and pro games.




5. Harrison Ford @HarrisonFord

Though he traces his roots to Chicago, @HarrisonFord long abandoned life in the Windy City for the quiet, remote oasis that is Wyoming. He currently has a primary residence in the state and is easily Wyoming’s most famous resident actor. When Harrison Ford isn’t portraying Indiana Jones, he’s contributing to charitable work and making a real difference in lives within and beyond Wyoming’s borders.




6. Pete Williams @PeteWilliamsNBC

Pete Williams broadcasts breaking news and biting commentary from his @PeteWilliamsNBC account, but that’s not what he’s best known for. In fact, Pete Williams is one of NBC’s longest-serving correspondents and an expert in terrorism, foreign relations, and criminal prosecution. His efforts during the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 earned him even more praise, and today he’s easily Wyoming’s most famous name in the national media.




7. Scott Avett @ScottAvett

Scott Avett is one half of the Avett Brothers indie rock duo that has made it big in recent years. Their hipster-friendly musical style has earned them praise from the likes of Rolling Stone and the @ScottAvett account is an instrumental way for fans to communicate with the band and learn about future tour dates and album releases. With just 89 tweets to date, interesting insights into Scott Avett’s life are rare but all the more valuable.




8. Sen. Mike Enzi @SenatorEnzi

The @SenatorEnzi account is Mike Enzi’s number one way of reaching out to Wyoming residents, hearing their concerns, and tweeting about how he’s pushing for Wyoming values in the senate on a daily basis. Enzi’s account is also a great source of insight into the political process and it should be at or near the top of the list for any Wyoming resident that values involvement in policy and the broader political conversation.




9. Jim Beaver @JumbleJim

Tweeting under the guise of @JumbleJim, Beaver’s Twitter account offers his fans a way to connect with the actor as he continues to defy expectations in television role. Best known for his work with HBO’s acclaimed series, “Deadwood,” Jim Beaver has gone on to produce and direct numerous features, and even guest star in the CW’s series “Supernatural.” His straightforward approach to acting and publicity is a testament to the Wyoming way.




10. Judy Shepard @WyoJudyShepard

The mother of Matthew Shepard, @WyoJudyShepard has been a driving force in gay rights for the past decade. Her work is credited with the drafting and eventual Senate passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. She has also been instrumental in helping to pass anti-hate crime legislation protective of gays and working with anti-bullying campaigns nationwide.




11. Zane Beadles @zanebeadles

Twitter account @zanebeadles allows Wyoming residents to follow another famous University of Utah alum who hails from the state. Beadles currently plays for the Denver Broncos and is one of the most acclaimed younger players in the game.




12. John Buck @johnbuck44

Tweeting from @johnbuck44, this Major League Baseball player is easily Wyoming’s most successful contribution to the sport. From his original success with the Kansas City Royals to his current position with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Buck has earned acclaim and has used his Twitter to comment on the sport, recommend all kinds of products, and interact with fans.




13. John Barrasso @SenJohnBarrasso

Senator John Barrasso or, as he’s known on twitter, @SenJohnBarrasso, is one of the most important politicians currently serving in the United States Senate. Though only recently elected, Barrasso has made his way into major fights on energy policy, defense, foreign relations, and Native American affairs.




14. Rep. Cynthia Lummis @CynthiaLummis

Wyoming’s small size means that the state has just a single representative in the House of Representatives. Known as an at-large seat, this is sometimes called the state’s “third senator.” @CynthiaLummis has the honor of representing the state, and she uses her Twitter account to interact with and promote Wyoming residents and values.




15. Jesse Garcia @Jesse2theG

Jesse Garcia is a well-known independent film actor, having won major accolades at Sundance and other festivals. His Twitter account, @Jesse2theG, documents his latest projects and gives fans insight into his work.




16. John Perry Barlow @JPBarlow

Twitter users looking for wise words absolutely must follow @JPBarlow. This Wyoming resident famously wrote lyrics for the Grateful Dead and co-founded the EFF. He continues to be a major force in creative circles.




17. Wyoming Arts Council

Wyoming is have an explosion of support for the creative community. The backbone of this support at the state level is through the Wyoming Arts Council. Make sure to check out @WyomingArts for all things creative and amazing!




18. Kirby Heyborne @KirbyHeyborne

One of Wyoming’s best comedic exports and an occasional actor, @KirbyHeyborne offers the right amount of comedy, Hollywood insight, and star attractions, for people all across the country.




19. Wyoming Tourism @WyomingTourism

If you are looking for an account the is 100% Wyoming check out @WyomingTourism. You will get a constant feed of great images and travel deals from around the state.  These people work hard to showcase the fun wild Wyoming we all love.




20. Matt Mead @MattMeadNews

The @MattMeadNews account on Twitter keeps Wyoming residents updated on developments within the state, from football wins to major policy changes that affect every resident.




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With politicians, professional athletes, comedians and much more, Wyoming’s natives and residents are as entertaining as they are highly accomplished. Those looking to bring a bit of the Wyoming culture to their own Twitter account have no shortage of great ways to do so.


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