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The Best New Snowboarding Gear This Year

I started snowboarding when I was 12 years old. Every year since then I have liked checking out all the new snowboarding gear that comes out.  The gear guides from Snowboarding magazines are the best! This year I put together this top 10 list of my own. Do you have a piece of gear that is calling your name this year? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

Just like with any sport, a new season always brings need advancements in gear and equipment, and snowboarding is no different. Our team of boarding enthusiasts and experts has taken to the snow once again to test out all of the latest and coolest gear available in the 2013/2014 season. If you want to learn about the hottest gear for this winter, look no further.

The Essentials

Obviously, there is a vast array of items that make up snowboarding gear. From accessories to pants, layers, helmets, and everything else that you need to tackle the slopes or halfpipes comfortably and safely. However, we’ve chosen to narrow our list down to the bare essentials and give you a look into the best jackets, boards, boots, goggles and bindings available this year. Take a peek at what we have chosen as the best in 2013/2014 snowboarding gear.


1. Mountain 65 Jacket by Orage, Style and Functionality

Orage Mountain 65 Jacket

If your main criterion for buying a snowboarding jacket is how waterproof it is, this jacket is pretty hard to beat. It’s a durable jacket that won’t let you down half way through the season, but best of all it’s also very stylish and there is no reason not to wear it off the slopes as well. Many snowboarding jackets don’t look that great with street clothes, but the Mountain 65 jacket is definitely a huge exception to that rule.

2. The Outdoor Research Vanguard Jacket, Protection and Comfort

Vangard Jacket

The Vanguard is easily one of the most breathable snowboarding jackets that we have seen in quite some time. The vent zips really make all the difference when it comes to comfort when you are taking exhausting treks through the mountains to find that perfect spot. We also love the huge number of zippers and pockets. It’s definitely a great jacket for adventurous snowboarders who like to take their riding off the beaten path.


3. The 2014 Burton Process Snowboard, Tackles all Conditions

2014 Burton Process Snowboard

Anyone looking for a universal and incredibly versatile board that can tackle any and all snow conditions should definitely check out the Burton Process. One of the most interesting features of the board is the sidecut, which extends outward a bit more than you’ll see on most other boards. This feature really helps your balance out and makes your turns in the snow much easier and more efficient.

4. The 2014 GNU Carbon Edit Snowboard, American-Made Quality

GNU Carbon Credit

With the GNU Carbon Credit, it’s all about the banana shape, which gives you amazing responsiveness in any type of snow. It’s sturdy and well put together and definitely one of the best boards under 500 dollars. Best of all, it’s American-made with pride and precision.


5. The Burton Hail Boot, Support and Response

Burton Hail Snowboard Boots

With their reputation in snowboarding, it’s really no surprise that a Burton product graces our list numerous times. This might just be the best boot that Burton has ever made. The formula has been perfected to the point where the performance and the comfort of the boot are on the same high level. There really is nothing bad to say about the Burton Hail, it’s a result of years of innovation and attention to detail.

6. The Nike Ites Boot, Fashion-Forward Stability

Nike zoom Ites

A lot of people worry about Nike brand boots being form over function. However, Nike has proven time and time again that they are able to make their boots not only stylish, but also functional. The Flywire technology they have patented gives more stability and support than you will get from any other snowboarding boot. And yes, the fact that the boot looks amazing on the snow doesn’t hurt either.


7. The Anon M1 Goggles, Change Lenses with Easy

Anon M1 Snowboarding Goggles

If you loathe the process of changing your goggle lenses, the Anon M1 should be a dream come true. It’s almost funny how easy it is to switch lenses for any weather condition on these goggles. If you are snowboarding all day and like to be able to quickly switch your lens depending on the sun and snow forecast, look no further.

8. The Spy Platoon Goggles, Clarity and Comfort


The bonuses lenses that come with the Spy Platoon goggles for low light and nighttime riding are worth the price of the goggles alone. Anyone looking for ultimate clarity should love the scratch-proof and anti-fog features of the Spy Platoon goggles.


9. The Burton Malavita Bindings, Protect Yourself in Style

Burton Malavita Bindings

The fact that a great number of Burton-sponsored team riders use these bindings should be reason enough to give them a try. The footbed technology is really great and definitely minimizes the amount of strain and weight you put on your legs when hitting the snow hard off a jump. These bindings are definitely highly recommended for snowboards that are all about tricks and high-flying maneuvers.

10. The Drake Fifty Bindings, a Classic, Light Design

Drake fifty snowboard bindings

A classic binding that has been a best seller for Drake for well over ten years – and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Of course, the model has seen many tweaks over the years as technology has moved forward. A good example of that is the extra light material used to make the baseplate, which really lets you do spectacular things on your board with minimal effort. These bindings are just as good for casual cruisers as they are for the most daring park jumpers and trick flippers.

Photo Courtesy of Matt Biddulph


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