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Romance and Outdoor Fun in Gillette Wy

If you’re looking for a combination of rustic charm and old-fashioned romance, then a getaway vacation to Gillette Wy might be ideal for you and your significant other. Gillette, which is located in northeastern Wyoming, is a hub for exciting outdoor activities. If you and your sweetie are outdoorsy, rugged types, then Gillette could make the vacation of a lifetime.

Camping Time

Camping can be a fun and romantic way to enjoy some quality time with a loved one. Fortunately, Gillette is a great place to enjoy the activity, what with CAM-PLEX Events Facility on Reata Drive. CAM-PLEX spans more than 1,000 acres. If you want to gaze up at the night sky with your sweetie curled up right next to you, this might be a must-see. Apart from its various RV campgrounds, CAM-PLEX also is home to a park, rodeo grounds and racetrack.

Splish Splash

If splashing around in the cool water is more your speed, Gillette offers a refreshing water park inside the town recreation complex. If you visit Gillette during the warmer months of the year, the water park might be a fun way to unwind and relax at the end of a jam-packed day. It features a lazy river, various slides, diving boards and even a play section for young children.

Outdoor Activities at Area Parks

Gillette can make a convenient home base for many invigorating and adrenaline-packed outdoor activities. Nearby Black Hills National Forest is a beloved site for recreational fun, with activities such as hiking, fishing, cycling, horse riding, camping and water activities. In the wintertime, the forest also is a good place to enjoy snowshoeing, skiing and even snowmobiling. Keyhole State Park is also close to Gillette. Some of the various diverse recreational options that are available at Keyhole State Park include swimming, birdwatching, hiking, boating and fishing. During a visit to the park, you might even spot wild animals such as pronghorn antelope and mule deer.

Gillette Golfing

If you’re looking for a more low-key outdoor activity in Gillette, consider going for a relaxing day of golfing with your sweetie. Gillette has two places to golf. The Gillette Golf Club on Country Club Road is a popular site for golfing, as is the Bell Nob Golf Course on Overdale Drive. If it’s raining outside, don’t let that put a damper on your fun, either. Camelanes is a well-known bowling alley located on W. 2nd Street in the heart of the city.

Walking Around Gillette

While Gillette offers a wide array of recreational activities, it’s important to appreciate the core of the city, too. If you spend a day simply walking or driving around town, you can revel in the sprawling rural landscapes that encircle it. You can take in the coal trains that pass through the area en route to faraway southern and eastern locales, too. Since Gillette has a handful of parks, there’s never a shortage of places to relax, get your energy out and enjoy the fresh and clean air. Make sure you’re always equipped with a camera, too, as the city is excellent for spotting birds such as the Western meadowlark. This meadowlark species has the distinction of being the state bird. If you want a knowledgeable guide for your exploration of Gillette, go to the official visitor center and take the Downtown Historical Walking Tour, which is 100 percent free. During the tour, you’ll hear all about Gillette’s rich history in coal mining.

Concerts and Fairs

If you’re lucky enough to travel to Gillette in the middle of the summer, take advantage of all of the free concerts that take place downtown in the park. These concerts happen every Thursday in July. If you’re around, don’t miss them. The Campbell County Fair is another exciting summer event in Gillette. Relish in the spirit and joy of Gillette by experiencing the pet shows, rodeos and entertainment options available.

Dining in Gillette

Since Gillette offers so many entertainment and recreational opportunities, be sure to take advantage of all of the good dining choices, too. You’ll surely be famished after you’re through with all the fun. Gillette has many well-known steakhouses, all with classic western flairs. The city also has several laid-back, cozy diners. If you’re traveling on a budget, fast food establishments are available, as well. After you take your sweetie to Gillette for a romantic getaway full of outdoor adventure, you’ll both remember it for life.

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