Let’s Go Fly Fishing around Gillette Wyoming!

Gillette, Wyoming is home to many different species of fish. If you enjoy fly fishing, this is the place for you to find large trout, crappie, bass, and much more. Locals and visitors alike enjoy fishing in the many lakes, streams, and ponds this area has to offer. If you are looking to catch the big one, check out some of the following fly fishing hot spots to see what is waiting on you in this part of the world. You may be surprised at the size and number of fish that you catch.

Find the best fly fishing spots around Gillette, Wyoming
Fly fishing is a popular and fun way to fish if you know where to go. There are many places in and around Gillette that you can enjoy exploring. Spend the day in the sun or go for a late night fishing trip that you will always remember in this scenic area. There are also fishing spots near camping grounds if you plan to go fishing for a little bit longer. Plan on spending as much time as you want fishing in these attractive fishing spots.
We all know there are amazing fly fishing locations in the bighorns and the blackhills but there are some fun places to go closer as well.  If you like lake fly fishing here are a few great places to go.

Visit Healy Reservoir for Fly Fishing

Healy Reservoir is a popular spot for fly fishermen to visit especially in the warmer months of the year. This man made reservoir is home to a variety of different trout species. You can find brown trout, rainbow trout, and more here. You can also catch largemouth bass, perch, and other species in these waters. This is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors, but be sure to bring a jacket and some heavy fishing gear because the weather does get windy. There is also a nice boat ramp here if you need it.

Visit Cook Lake for Fly Fishing

Cook Lake is a wonderful place to go if you enjoy fly fishing. This lake is home to trout, sunfish, and many other types of fish. If you are looking for a place that offers campsites, you will enjoy visiting this area. You can plan on spending a night, a weekend, or even longer out here. It is peaceful, and you can fish for as long as you want. The fishing is best in the summer months at this location, but you are welcome to visit any time. You can also enjoy hiking along mountain trails, biking, canoeing, and looking at all of the wildlife this area has to offer along with your fly fishing experience.

Visit Keyhole Reservoir for Fly Fishing

Keyhole Reservoir is a beautiful place to go fly fishing. You can enjoy getting a lot of bites from perch, smallmouth bass, northern pike, crappie, and more here. This spot is a wonderful choice if you are planning on spending some time outdoors. There are campsites available, and you will be able to get supplies with ease. Plan on having a good time if you visit this reservoir.

Visit Buffalo Wetlands Pond for Fly Fishing

The Buffalo Wetlands Pond is a nice place for fly fishermen to visit. This pond is home to largemouth and smallmouth bass. It is also home to different types of trout and yellow perch. If you are looking for a quiet area to relax and catch some large fish, you cannot miss this spot.

Visit Panther Pond for Fly Fishing

Panther Pond has a lot to offer if you are a fan of fly fishing. This is a great spot to catch bass, trout, sunfish, and more. This area is a relaxing spot for anyone that enjoys being in nature. It also offers toilet facilities. If you are looking for a great fishing spot for a day of fun, this pond will make a nice choice.

Visit Clear Creek for Fly Fishing

Clear Creek is a nice spot to spend time in if you are interested in fly fishing. You are sure to find some of the best trout in this sparkling creek. There is plenty of brown trout, brook trout, and even rainbow trout available in these waters. Throw your line out and enjoy getting bite after bite. This is also a good place to camp. There are campsites available and toilet facilities on Clear Creek, so you can spend as much time out on the water fishing as you want. When you get done, you can relax for awhile and then start again.

Visit Gillette Fishing Lake

The Gillette Fishing Lake is stocked full of trout, carp, and bass. You are almost certain to get a bite in this little lake. You can spend the day fishing in this area and toilet facilities are also available. This lake is the perfect place to bring the kids.

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