City of Gillette Receives National Award for 100 Years of Service

The City of Gillette Electric Utility received the Century Award from the American Public Power Association at its 100-year anniversary. Established in 1987, the Century Award is given each year to public power utilities that have served their consumers and community continuously for 100 years.

“The City of Gillette is a dependable and trustworthy institution,” said Electrical Services Superintendent Mick Wolf. “You can count on the City of Gillette to provide low-cost reliable electricity day or night, and in all weather conditions.”

Over the past 100 years, the City of Gillette has taken many steps to provide reliable service to the citizens of Gillette. In recent years the city purchased an interest in WyGen III and CTII to keep rates low for its citizens. The electrical services division has also buried overhead lines to prevent damage and power outages.

“Public power systems like the City of Gillette are an expression of the American ideal of local people working together to meet their community needs,” said Sue Kelly, president & CEO, APPA. “Like schools, parks, police, and fire protection, they are governed locally and operated to provide an essential public service.”

APPA is the Washington, D.C.-based service organization representing the nation’s more than 2,000 community-and state-owned public power systems. Since 1940, it has provided services to ensure reliable electricity at a reasonable price, promoted proper protection of the environment, and advanced the public policy interests of its members and their consumers.

Today, 47 million Americans receive electricity from more than 2,000 not-for-profit, community-owned electric utilities. As of 2010, one out of every three public power systems has celebrated a centennial.

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