9 Best Places To Go Snowmobiling Around Gillette Wyoming

Located in northeastern Wyoming, the small town of Gillette enjoys easy access to a number of great winter attractions. The town’s location along Interstate 90 means that everything from great skiing and snowboarding to some of the country’s best snowmobiling trails can be found within four hours of consistent highway driving. For snowmobile enthusiasts, that’s a pretty big deal as soon as the first snowflakes of winter start to fly.

Great Snowmobiling Trails Near Gillette Wyoming

Virtually all of the trails within close driving distance of Gillette are located in the northeastern or central parts of this very large state. Be sure to check out the full variety of trails, whether they traverse the mountains or take advantage of high-speed, flatter terrain.

1. The Big Horn Mountains

The Big Horn Mountains, located just over an hour from Gillette, provide snowmobile enthusiasts with everything they need to have a great time. The mountains offer 349 miles of perfectly groomed snowmobile trails for those who prefer smoother rides, while ungroomed trails for the truly adventurous currently stretch 49 miles throughout the Big Horn range.

2. Snowy Range Snowmobile Trails

The Snowy Range, referred to by locals as the “Snowies” offer mountainous terrain and exhilarating snowmobile trails just four hours from Gillette via car. The Snowies offer a whopping 25 feet of packed powder, with hundreds of miles of groomed trails at all levels for experienced snowmobilers. Nearby Laramie serves as a perfect resort town destination in its own right, as well.

3. The Black Hills

Split between South Dakota and Wyoming, the Black Hills are generally pretty famous for hosting Mt. Rushmore. Their importance in the snowmobiling community is just as notable. Hundreds of miles of groomed trails straddle the Wyoming-South Dakota border in the northeastern portion of the state, just over two hours from Gillette via Interstate 90.

4. Bear Lodge Mountains

For challenging terrain that climbs as high as 7,000 feet, snowmobilers have no better c choice than the nearby Bear Lodge Mountains. The range features over 78 miles of trails that are perfectly groomed throughout the winter season. Overnight stays are certainly possible amid these scenic mountains, with their looping trails, tight turns, and exhilarating terrain.

5. Casper Mountain

Located outside of its namesake city of Casper, Casper Mountain features nearly 50 miles of marked, groomed trails, and 7 miles of ungroomed trails for the avid snowmobile enthusiast. Like the Bear Lodge Mountains, Casper offers trails that reach elevations approaching 7,000 feet. With great amenities and attractions in the nearby town, there’s something for everyone at this resort.

6. Yellowstone National Park

This recommendation should come with an asterisk, since the park is just over five hours away from Gillette in typical Interstate traffic. Even so, Yellowstone merits a visit by true snowmobile enthusiasts. This scenic national park offers hundreds of miles of trails, all of which must be traversed with the help of a skilled guide. Slots fill up quickly, so advance reservations are recommended.

7. Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail

Located between four and five hours west of Gillette, the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail is an absolute must-see attraction for Wyoming snowmobilers. The trail is best described as a majestic journey, totaling more than 270 miles throughout the Continental Divide that characterizes much of western Wyoming. Stunning views of the Tetons and sweeping views of Wyoming will greet snowmobilers with an unparalleled experience at any speed. It’s certainly worth the trip.

8. Sierra Madre System

Located just south of Laramie, the Sierra Madre System features a system of trails that traverses numerous elevations and corresponds pretty well with the trails found within the larger Snowy Range snowmobile trail system. Plenty of local amenities greet Sierra Madres visitors, making overnight stays a breeze in many cases.

9. Spearfish Canyon

Located exclusively in the South Dakota portion of the Black Hills, this separate set of snowmobile trails offers great views of ridges and canyons along with dozens of both groomed and ungroomed trails. All trails are marked, and the proximity of the Spearfish Canyon ski lodges makes this a natural fit for overnight visitors and tourists.

Excellent Snowmobiling Trails Throughout Wyoming

Winter is an especially great time for outdoor recreation in Wyoming, with great snowmobile trails that traverse canyons, the Tetons, and all of Wyoming’s most scenic vistas. Remember to always take a friend and follow safety procedures, and each of these trails will live up to its hype for great snowmobiling all winter long.

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