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5 Amazing Places to Go Stargazing Around Wyoming

Gillette Wyoming is historically known for its large production and transportation of coal. It is not uncommon to see coal trains moving through at various times of the day. Years ago, coal mining put Gillette on the map with the big railroad industry movement. Gillette is regaining renewed attention with the ever increasing popularity and push for clean energy supplied by coal. While eyes are definitely on the possibilities that the clean energy will bring, Gillette has so much more to offer than just its coal. With its proximity to Yellowstone National Park and four national forests, Gillette is an ideal vacation spot. The best kept secret vacation destination of Gillette, Wyoming is becoming a sure stop place for local and national people who are looking for the perfect get-away to enjoy camping, skiing, fine dining, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking, and the world’s best stargazing.

View Stars Of The Entire Milky Way

Throughout time, people have always had a thing for star watching. Scientists and philosophers spend their lifetimes studying and charting stars and constellations. Stargazing is not just for scientists and philosophers. Even children enjoy trying to count and connect the stars on a clear, dark night. Most people feel lucky to catch a glimpse of the big dipper or a falling star from their own backyard. Why settle for just a glimpse when you can see so much more? Imagine seeing all the stars of the Milky Way at once? To see such a display, you must travel away from the city lights and constructions that block the view. Escape and enjoy the great outdoors waiting for you in the beautiful state of Wyoming. There is no better place to see the stars in full display than under the big open Wyoming sky from any of these 5 great places around Gillette Wyoming:

Camping And Stargazing At The Campgrounds Near Laramie

Laramie is not far from Gillette and is the perfect get-away from city life. There is much to see and do at the campgrounds located near Laramie. Campers enjoy summer and winter outdoor activities including fishing, camping, skiing, snowmobiling, and hiking through mountain ranges. When night falls, the real magic unfolds as the stars come out. There is nothing like laying on a sleeping bag watching the sky show above!

Skiing And Stargazing At Jackson Hole Near Yellowstone And Grand Teton

Jackson Hole is conveniently located near both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. After stopping at Yellowstone, the first national park to open in the United States, Jackson Hole is the place to take it all in. Jackson Hole is a great place to enjoy the best of dining, specialty shopping, taking in the outdoors, and most of all to do a little star gazing. The winter is one of the best times to come to Jackson Hole especially for skiers. Summer is popular as well with the breathtaking hiking and biking trails Jackson Hole offers. Jackson Hole is also home to Harrison Ford who is often seen participating in community rescue efforts.

Rock Climbing And StarGazing At Devil’s Tower Near Belle Fourche River

Devil’s Tower is a favorite rocking climbing destination with stargazing opportunities at night. Devil’s Tower, our nation’s first national monument, is a must see 1,250 foot high rock sculpture in the shape of a tree stump. Over 400,000 people come annually to climb Devil’s Tower. Visitors are fascinated to hear legendary Native American tales associated with Devil’s Tower. Rock enthusiasts and geologists come to study the rock formations of Devil’s Tower. Besides being a great place to stargaze, Devil’s Tower is a favorite place to bring the whole family to enjoy camping at the lodges and hiking the trails.

Hiking And StarGazing At Grand Teton National Park Near Yellowstone

Everyone enjoys stargazing with their telescope under the skies at national parks across the country. The star show visible at Grand Teton National Park is second to none. Located just south of Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park is not just a place to view the stars, but also is the ideal destination for avid hikers with its 200 miles of hiking trails. After a day of rigorous hiking, hikers can relax under the stars at Grand Teton National Park.

Sand Duning And Stargazing At Red Desert Near Eden

The Red Desert is a massive eight-million-acre desert that stretches across Southwestern Wyoming. It is known for its high altitude and sage bush steppe. Most people come to experience the sand dunes, especially Killer Sand Dune which is known as the largest living sand dune in the United States. Visitors enjoy exploring the massive desert sand canvas and viewing the stars of the universe from the clear, dark sky above.

When planning your next vacation destination, check out these great 5 great places to stargaze in Gillette Wyoming: Laramie Campgrounds, Jackson Hole, Devil’s Tower, Grand Teton Park, and The Red Desert. Prepare to marvel at the star displays unique to the Wyoming sky and enjoy the great outdoors.

Photo Courtesy of David Kingham

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