20 Most Interesting Adventure Enthusiasts to Follow On Twitter

Wherever in the world adventure is happening, there will be someone tweeting about it. This list is not in any order all of these people are awesome and always up to something adventurous. The world is more and more accessible, even as travelers search for more and more forbidding terrain. Adventure enthusiasts push the limits of explored territory. Many of them send out entertaining texts, photos, links and conversations about their current exploits, competitions or projects. Here are the twenty most interesting adventure enthusiasts to follow on Twitter.

1. Adventure Girl (@adventuregirl)

Stefanie Michaels is Adventure Girl. Based in Los Angeles, Adventure Girl helped break the ice for adventure travel. She tries the unusual, and she doesn’t sit still. Her travel website has helped millions of people connect with adventures off the beaten track.




2. Bruce Bere (@NonRevAdventure)

Bruce Bere is an aviation enthusiast. He left the world of finance to work for an airline out of Chicago. Making best use of his free miles and airline benefits, Bruce keeps going toward his goal of visiting every country. He keeps a running account on Twitter of where he is.




3. Sarah Greaves Gabbadon (@JetSetSarah)

Sarah Gabbadon is an expert on the Carribbean, which is where she’s from. Her travels tend to be expressed as shopping excursions, but don’t be put off. Her Twitter feed is colorful, amusing and full of insider travel tips. She’s a dedicated runner and tweets adventure travel.




4. Lauren Rains (@OUTDOOR_MINDED)

Lauren Rains started Outdoor Minded Mag (OMM) to provide a forum for adventure enthusiasts and to profile outdoor destinations. Her Twitter account mixes bits from the mag with updates on her whereabouts, activities and musical preferences. She also links viral videos of extreme adventure.




5. Ted Nelson (@TravelingTed)

Ted Nelson blogs his firsthand advice on adventures to have around the world. He hikes, skis and canoes, among other activities. You’ll find photos, articles, and tweets about the tiniest details of travel arrangements, from SIM cards to elephant dung. Reading him is like hanging with an interesting traveling companion.




6. Daniel and Ingrid (@bptraveller)

The Backpack Traveller is a photojournalistic blog based in Barcelona. Daniel and Ingrid have been traveling since the day they met. They are also happy to clue you in on the real Barcelona. The Twitter feed is in Spanish, but that won’t stop you from enjoying the gorgeous photos.




7. Mountain Enthusiast (@SteveWWeiss)

Based in Utah, Steve Weiss is a backcountry snowboarder, rock climber and traveler. He blogs at Mountain Enthusiast, manages the social media for Niche Snowboards and tweets his reactions to whatever comes his way. His Twitter feed is notable for the conversations he’s having with other adventure enthusiasts.




8. Diana Nyad (@diananyad)

Diana Nyad is an endurance swimmer. This year, at age 64 and after five attempts, she became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. Follow Diana on Twitter to take advantage of her seasoned observations and salty experience. Get great photos and practical advice from an inspiring woman.




9. Ed Stafford (@Ed_Stafford)

Ed Stafford was the first man to walk the Amazon River, snakes and all. It took him over two years. He’s dedicated to getting people up off the couch and to preserving the Amazonian rainforest. He tweets about his travels, the book he’s writing, the Discovery Channel documentary about his journey and the adventures other people undertake to raise awareness.




10. Super Frenchie (@matthiasgiraud)

Matthias Giraud is a professional skiier who competes at extreme freeskiing, big mountain skiing and BASE jumping. He has combined BASE jumping and skiing and famously escaped an avalanche during a BASE jump. His life is an adrenaline rush, and he tweets a rush of details, Instagram photos, contests and hashtags.




11. Scott Jurek (@ScottJurek)

Scott Jurek is an outstanding ultramarathoner. He wrote “Eat and Run” to tell the story of how he came to dominate his sport while eating a vegan diet. Following him on Twitter brings you a constant feed of gorgeous photographs of where he is at the moment, along with comments about training and traveling.




12. Daniel Habershon-Butcher (@TheDanHB)

Daniel Habershon-Butcher is an award-winning filmmaker and nature photographer. He makes outrageously exciting and inventive promotional videos for race events and equipment manufacturers and posts them on Vimeo. Follow him on Twitter for the videos, news and travel updates.




13. Kelly Slater (@kellyslater)

The world surfing champion takes you with him on his surfing expeditions. Find out about his favorite cafe in Venice Beach and his first day on his latest trip to Hawaii, his martial arts heroes and his new ukulele. It’s all documented with Instagram.




14. Alex Honnold (@AlexHonnold)

Alex Honnold specializes in free solo ascents of big walls. He’s broken a number of speed records. Follow him on Twitter to catch his many interviews and conversations, along with tweets about his everyday stuff, like training, traveling and running a foundation that improves the lives of people and communities around the world.




15. National Geographic (@ngadventure)

National Geographic Magazine is not to be missed on Twitter. It’s a reliable and authoritative guide to big adventure, not to mention being well written. Get links to the magazine’s adventure blog, “Beyond the Edge.” Learn about film screenings. Watch a new video every Tuesday.




16. Adventure Journal (@adventurevida)

Steve Casimiro came to Adventure Journal from National Geographic, by way of Powder Magazine. Adventure Journal is his startup, an online journal for all things adventurous. Steve is a photographer as well as a writer and editor. The Twitter feed offers clips from the Journal and lots of juicy photographs.




17. Edurne Pasaban (@Edurne_Pasaban)

Edurne Pasaban is the 21st person and the first woman to climb all 14 peaks over 8,000 meters. Yes, her tweets are in Spanish, but the photos are breathtaking and there are frequent links to her Kabi-Travels blog, in English. Backpacking in the Basque country looks pretty amazing. That’s her home country, and she promotes travel and climbing there.




18. Bob Burnquist (@bobburnquist)

Bob Burnquist, the professional Brazilian skateboarder, checks in frequently on Twitter, sometimes in English, sometimes in Portuguese. He retweets English-language motivational quotes, spiritual wisdom and jokes. His texts and photos establish time and place of travels and competitions.




19. Tanner Hall (@tannerhall)

The professional skier with his share of falls and broken bones has also won his share of gold medals in competition. A lot of Tanner’s Twitter posts include cuts and tv programs from Inspired Media Concepts, which he co-founded. There are also the daily reports, including stunt photos and information on contests, weather and Rasta music.




20. Felicity Aston (@felicity_aston)

Felicity Aston is a British adventurer and climate scientist. She skied across Antarctica alone. She is the first woman to have done so. Felicity Aston specializes in cold climates. Her current project is the Pole of Cold Winter Expedition, a journey by Land Rover to follow winter across Europe and Siberia as far as the coldest place in the world outside of Antarctica. Her most recent tweets are from Norway.




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