15 Best Christmas Gifts for Coal Miners

Many of our miners are family men that toil away for long hours in difficult conditions in order to provide for their families. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show the miner in your life how much you appreciate them and how hard they work day in and day out.

Here is a great list of gifts for miners

You think about the coal miner in your life every single day. Giving the ultimate Christmas present will let him know that he is always in your thoughts. Here are some great choices for gifts to give this year:

1. Gear For Work is Always Appreciated

Being comfortable on the job is a luxury that miners do not take for granted. New work clothes, a new helmet or a new lunch box would make going to work a bit more enjoyable.

2. Show You Care With a Personalized Gift

A personalized coffee mug or t-shirt would make a lovely Christmas gift. Use favorite family photos or a quote that is meaningful to your coal miner.

3. Outfit Your Miner With Non-Work Clothing

After spending at least forty hours under ground in dirty, uncomfortable clothing, a new outfit can make a miner feel rejuvenated. A new pair of his favorite jeans and a new flannel shirt would make a perfect Christmas gift.
4. Show Your Pride With a Decal

4. Show Your Pride With a Decal

Car decals are all the rage right now, and they are the perfect way to show your miner that you are proud of him. Order customized “I love my coal miner” decals for each family member’s car.

5. A Handmade Ornament From the Kids Will Make Him Smile

Have your kids create a one of a kind ornament. Art supply stores carry blank ceramic ornaments that can be painted as desired.

6. Gourmet Food is Sure to Delight

A decadent gourmet treat is a lovely gift for a hard working coal miner. Choose a gift that they truly enjoy, but don’t partake in often.

7. New Shoes Provide the Perfect Foundation

A pair of new work boots will be appreciated every single day that they are worn. Having the proper foot support is not only more comfortable, but new boots provide a level of safety that is necessary in a coal miner’s line of work.

8. Coal Themed Gifts are Sure to Elicit Laughs

Employ some humor this Christmas with a coal themed present. Coal shaped cookies, soaps and candies are all great choices. You can even find neck ties and t-shirts with images of lumps of coals silk screened on them.

9. Give the Gift of Relaxation

A coal miner’s job is incredibly physically taxing. Treat the miner in your life to a day of relaxation with a massage at a spa geared towards pampering men.

10. Spend Time Together With a Night Out

Time together is the best gift of all. Create a coupon for a date night out on the town. Visit his favorite restaurant, catch a movie or take a walk together. All that matters is that you will have time alone together.

11. Honor the Family With a Family Portrait

This Christmas, gather the family for a family portrait. Your miner will love carrying a small family photo with him in the mines, and everyone will enjoy the portrait hanging in your home.

12. Plan a Memorable Staycation

Give your miner the gift of staying home this Christmas. Remove the stress of traveling by staying put and enjoying the time together.

13. Treat Him With a Gift Card

Gift cards make the perfect gift! Consider a card to his favorite restaurant, store or movie theater.

14. Visit a Coal Museum

Many states have coal themed museums that your miner may enjoy. Search for one in your state that you can visit during the holidays.

15. Hit the Road for a Much Deserved Vacation

The ultimate gift may just be to get out of town. Surprise him with a vacation close to home or out of town. He’ll be surprised and touched by your thoughtfulness.

Any of the gifts listed above will make the coal miner in your life feel loved and appreciated. He works in hard conditions every single day and will truly enjoy the thought and time you put into finding him the perfect Christmas gift.

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