10 Best Valentine Gifts For Her

Find The Perfect Valentine Gift For Her

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this could be your year to finally knock that Valentine’s Day present out of the park! In this article, we will provide ten incredible gifts you should consider this Valentine’s Day; however, be sure to select a present that is relevant to your wife. Part of what makes a gift from your significant other so special is seeing that they know you well and found something that you will love. We’ve gone to great lengths to identify ideal presents that fit almost any price point. With the following ten items, you’re sure to find the right gift for your wife.

1. Luxurious Candles Aimed To Help Her Relax


First off, take note that we didn’t just say “candles” here. Find a luxurious candle that she wouldn’t be able to find in her run of the mill, daily shopping. A perfect example is the Luxury Scented Jar Candle by Red Brick Candle. We personally love the Loft Collection No. 1. This incredible candle not only is handcrafted and gives off a deep blend of warm maple and rich vanilla scents, it also has a burn time of over 75 hours. That means each time she lights it, she’ll be reminded of your romantic gift.

2. Distinct Perfume For A Signature Smell


Staying in the aroma-based gift arena, another wonderful gift can be a quality perfume. This may take some research on your end. Try not to just buy the perfume she already has if possible. Make a point to talk to one of your wife’s friends and see if there is a scent that might be perfect for her. If you can’t get input from someone close to her, we recommend more neutral, classic scents such as Christian Dior’s J’adore for Women Eau De Parfum Spray or Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau de Toilette for Women which offers a blend of cardamom, jasmine, violet, vanilla and a hint of blood orange.

3. Fashionable Earrings To Dazzle Out On The Town


While this may require you to get in touch with one of your wife’s friends or coworkers to get a better sense of her particular style, finding a fashionable pair of earrings is not only a gift she will cherish, it demonstrates that you went out of your way to learn something about her. If you’re struggling to figure out where to start, you can always resort to classic looks that have a little bit of a modern touch, such as the teardrop design.

4. An Accessory Watch For The Fashion Conscious


Sure, for most men watches are solely for telling time (if you even bother to wear a watch at all); however, watches, just like bracelets and necklaces, are a fashion accessory opportunity for many women. Try to find a nice watch that falls in line with her sense of style or, if you’re so daring, attempt to pair it with that fashionable set of earrings you bought her! If you’re struggling to identify a style that seems to fit your wife, consider buying a watch that comes with interchangeable bands such as many XOXO brand watches.

5. Discrete Fitness Accessories For The Girl On The Go


Alright, let us be incredibly clear here: This is a great gift option if your wife is already into fitness; however, if your wife has yet to get the “workout bug” we would advise you to select another route on this list in order to avoid sending the wrong subliminal message. Activity trackers like those produced by Jawbone (the UP series) or FitBit are great gifts that allow your wife to see the results of her workouts. If your wife already uses a fitness tracker, consider other electronic accessories like an armband to hold her phone or bluetooth earbuds that allow for full-range motion without getting in the way.

6. E-Readers For Bookworms


Maybe your wife is more of a reader than a runner. If that’s the case, look into some innovative ways to increase her favorite pastime. E-Readers like the Amazon Kindle allow readers to minimize the amount of books they are carrying around while still giving a flat, page-like appearance to read off of instead of the glare many tablets can create. Additionally, there are lots of subscription opportunities which can give your wife access to massive libraries.

7. Audiobooks For Those On The Move

Perhaps your wife isn’t much of a reader but has aspirations of reading more. Tap into that New Year’s Resolution by providing her an audiobook subscription. Whether in the car during her daily commute or out for her walk through the park, give her the ability to start knocking out those new novels she keeps telling you she wished she had time to read. With companies like Audible offering great selection and celebrity readers, this could be the perfect gift for your spouse!

8. Supplies For Your Crafty Wife


If your wife is happiest spending hours looking for her next neat project on Pinterest, perhaps you should consider providing her with some frequently used supplies. You could find her that big item to make her efforts easier like a sewing machine or make sure she has all the items she needs for that next scrapbooking project. There are plenty of all-inclusive kits online, so find one that has colors and designs she likes. One of our personal favorites right now is the Mambi 12×12 inch box kit that includes an album, stickers, ribbons, paper, and more.

9. A Classy Wine For A Thirsty Girl


If you found yourself thinking, “Wow! My wife would love that!” when you read our idea of a relaxing candle, go the extra mile to really show her a relaxing evening by pairing that scent with a fine Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio. You can find all sorts of wine options on Amazon.com. Start with the basics, does she like red or white wine? (If the answer is both, you can’t lose!) Consider asking someone you know to recommend a good wine by telling them the last bottle or two she bought herself. Once you find the right bottle for her, gain extra bonus points by considering an aerator, as well.

10. The Perfect Gift Every Time

If you find that you have absolutely no idea what your wife would love, play it safe. Find a nice, beautiful card and write something heartfelt in it. Then find a gift card to one of her favorite stores and include it in the card. Let’s be clear, a gift card by itself is not a romantic gesture and is only a viable gift if your wife is admittedly hard to buy for. But you must include a very personal, heartfelt message in the card that makes it obvious that your gift card was a choice of love and desire for her to find the perfect item, not an act of laziness. Want to ratchet it up a notch? Offer to go with her to help find the perfect present that the gift card will be purchasing.

There you have it! Ten Valentine’s Day gift for her that will help you show your wife how much you love her. Again, the name of the game here is personalization so make sure that whatever you choose to get her, it is authentic to who she is.

He girls help the guys out and leave a comment below with your perfect Valentines Day Gift. They need as much help as we can get.

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