10 Fun Things To Do On Christmas Break

Christmas is a great time of year to do things you would not normally try. For one thing, Christmas break means no work or school. Also, Christmas is when family and friends will be around, making these adventures not only fun but good for making memories with those near and dear to you.

1. Go ice skating

Ice skating is a great winter activity to enjoy with friends. It’s also great exercise. If you don’t have a frozen pond or lake in your neighborhood, then try hitting the local ice rink. Skating is fun indoors. It may even require a little bit of a drive for some, but that can be part of the adventure here in Wyoming!

2. Drive through the parade of lights at Cam-Plex Park

One of my favorite things to do during Christmas in Gillette is to drive through the parade of lights at Cam-Plex Park. They always have great light displays by local Gillette businesses.

3. Go sledding

Whether you have an actual or sled or just want to slide down a snowy hill on cardboard boxes, get outside and enjoy the snow! We live in Gillette Wyoming, they should call it Hill Country. There are all kinds of great sledding hills all around. The most popular sledding hill is at Sage Vally Jr High.  There are always great opportunities for having fun in the snow there.

4. Take a trip

Christmas is a great time to visit family members, but it can also be a good time to vacation just about anywhere. Most year-round theme parks have great Christmas celebrations. Also, tourist areas are amazing around the holidays. There is never a better time to head to Disney World or see the lights in New York City.

5. Cut your own tree

Nothing is more magical than your own real Christmas tree. Take the kids to your nearest Christmas tree farm or up to the mountain and have fun picking out the fullest, tallest tree on the lot. Have fun getting in the house and decorating it with all your family ornaments.

6. Go Christmas caroling

Have fun exploring the neighborhood with your kids on a caroling adventure. If you get really adventurous, try caroling in a different neighborhood or even a different city. Have fun finding your way around.

7. Go to a museum or on a tour

Christmas is a great time to learn a little something. Museums may have special holiday exhibits. You could even get in the spirit by taking a tour of a toy factory. The possibilities are endless!

8. Go on a sleigh ride

Everyone knows what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. This Christmas, give your family the memory of a lifetime and check into renting a sleigh and a horse. What fun that will be!

9. Go to church with a friend, or invite a friend to join you at church

Not only will this remind you what Christmas is all about, but stepping out of your comfort zone always proves to be an adventure. If you bring a friend to church with you, it will challenge your abilities as a host. Christmas is a great time for hospitality.

10. Go shopping on Christmas Eve

The stores are full. Everything is flying off the shelves. Everyone is busy. Go to the store and do your best to get out with a smile on your face. That will definitely be an adventure.


Okay so some of these activities are not for everyone. So tell us what is your favorite Christmas Break activity? Leave a comment below.

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